Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What was taken and what was not

I'm making lists this evening. My car was broken into today as I was running round the lake. The police require a comprehensive run-down of what was taken. I'm trying to have a good attitude, so I thought I'd balance it with a couple of lists of what was not.

What was taken

Purse--including my driver's licence, bank and credit cards, favorite lipstick, wallet.

Sports bag--including swimsuit, goggles, yoga pants, favorite "Will Run for Wine" shirt (dammit!), expensive sports bra (double dammit!), new, gifted to myself for the season, yummy toiletries for post-swim showers.

GPS system--anyone who knows me well knows I don't know where they are any more. It was great while it lasted. So very sorry...


What was not taken

My new glasses--found buried under the shattered window on my passenger seat but still intact. So grateful. Apparently that extra $20 for the scratch-resistant lenses is not a scam.

Leftovers from yesterday's trip to Cosmic Cafe--my favorite firstborn found them in the footwell this evening and devoured them gleefully after driving me all round town to help me take care of business.

Bike rack--totally accessible, totally untouched.

What can never be taken

My beautiful friends, who bombarded me with messages as soon as they heard. Could they drive me somewhere? Bring me pho? Search the crime scene for discarded items? Bring me a new purse, a margarita? Cash, cuddles, Cabernet?

My beautiful run today, and the year and a half of training that made it so easy to loop the lake on a windswept sunshiney day.

Our crazy, messed-up, complicated, beautiful whirled. It takes all sorts. Thanks for being a part of it. x