Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It's more difficult to choose a New Year's Resolution this time around. I usually pledge to give up smoking, but since I actually achieved that one some months ago, I'm forced into new territory for this revolution of the sun.

This year I will:

Get fitter. It took me three hours to walk around White Rock Lake this morning, and afterwards I felt as though my legs had been replaced with stumps. Note to self: next year, don't do it in open-toed sandals. It was CHILLY out there.

Learn to juggle. At least, I will progress from being able to throw all three beanbags in the air to catching one or two as well. A fellow teacher gave an excellent presentation on "juggling for life" to my students last semester. I don't remember much about what he said, but I got the definite impression my whole life would be revolutionized if I could just keep those things in the air a while. Not that I particularly need more revolution in my life right now...

Go back to my meditation class. As my favorite fridge magnet puts it: "Meditation: It's not what you think." 'Nuff said.

So... What will you do?


  1. ok-- here's the deal. I want to walk more around the lake as well, but
    when it's cold, it's not easy to do. We can substitute mall walking or
    a yoga session (does that double dip into meditation?) I also am
    resolving to figure out how to do my job without stressing over it so
    much. hmmmm....

  2. Not sure about the mall thing on account of the slippy floors, but the yoga last night definitely helped. Make sure you nag me to go again next week!

    In other news, my juggling has improved dramatically over the last 24 hours. I can now catch the first three beanies. My family continues to mock my efforts, but I will prevail. They will laugh on the other side of their faces one day. I think I have a real future as someone who stands on a street corner and juggles for change. Ner!