Sunday, February 24, 2008

Making history one Google map at a time

My daughters and I spent the day volunteering in downtown Dallas for Barack Obama's campaign. I had thought we would be there for an hour or two, but the girls just didn't want to leave. Lizzy (11) worked on signs and on the phones, helped orient new volunteers, and kept the call-sheets straight, and Joy (13)--who was having trouble with her voice because of a cold--provided printed and written directions to canvassers who walked and talked in various precincts.

After three hours, I suggested that Joy (above right) might want to go home since she's been unwell. "Nah-ah," she told me, hoarsely but with a huge grin: "I'm serving my country; I'm making history one Google map at a time!"

Lizzy (left, and right, working the phones) was equally immovable. We stayed another couple of hours at the Kelly & Witherspoon Law Center before I enticed them home finally with a promise that we would stop off at Obama Dallas on the way and that yes, we could volunteer at HQ on Friday night and be back at the law offices phone banking on Saturday morning. To say I am proud of my daughters' commitment would be the understatement of the year.


  1. Thanks to you and your girls for all your hard work, Scarlett! I followed your link from your NYT post. By the way, I don't know if you have had a chance to see the Geraldine Ferraro op-ed piece in todays NYT but I actually did a double-take when I read it because it is so illogical and inconsistent not to mention insulting!

    Mia Kang
    Chapel Hill, NC

  2. Hi Mia!

    Thanks so much for visiting. I haven't seen the op-ed yet, but I'll take a look. How's the weather down in NC?


  3. Good for you for volunteering.

    I will volunteer....eventually. I don't if I will get to it before the Primary but I will volunteer to get the eventually Democratic candidate into the White House.

  4. Good to know that despite voting for Clinton in the primary (harumph!), you will put your shoulder to the wheel for Obama eventually. We'll welcome you aboard!